Quality Carbon Filtration Systems

Have you heard the words “carbon filtration system” but didn’t know what it meant? Interested in having the purest water you can get from your tap? Then a carbon filtration system is for you. If you want carbon filtration installation in Round Rock, TX, contact JustUs Plumbing at (512) 643-7116 today.

What Is A Carbon Filtration System?

Carbon Filtration Systems Have Cheap Replaceable Filters

Carbon filtered water often gets confused with softened water because of the molecular cleaning process that both systems have. Softening water and filtering water are different. Water softeners use an ion exchange of resin beads and salt to break down the minerals found in hard water, removing the impurities. Carbon filtered water uses biological or chemical processes to remove impurities found in natural drinking water and removes chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, benzene, and other man-made chemicals that we don’t want to be consuming. Both softened and filtered water is treated to remove impurities to provide fresh drinking water like those in water bottles.

Carbon filtration systems remove chemicals, bad tastes, and odors that come from a natural water supply. Carbon filtration systems are cheap and a great and efficient way to purify water. Their filters only need to be changed once a year and are extremely cheap, sometimes costing as low as $10 for a replacement. Call us today at (512) 643-7116 to learn more.

Dependable Carbon Filtration System Installation

Carbon Filtration Systems Remove Impurities Like Chlorine And Pesticides From Your Water

If you need minerals removed from your water, water softeners or reverse osmosis water systems are recommended for you instead. A carbon filtration system cannot remove heavy minerals like iron, nitrate, salt, asbestos, arsenic, or sulfate like other water filters can. This is something to consider if you have an allergy to these specific chemicals or need to have them removed. Our expert technicians at JustUs Plumbing can explain more should you have any questions or concerns, and can help you choose which water treatment system will be the best fit for you and your household.

A carbon filtration system unit is usually installed under a sink and connected to the water tap. This helps you maintain space and decorum. If you want healthier, purer water free of chemicals for your family, call (512) 643-7116 for carbon filtration system installation in Round Rock, TX.