Plumbers Apprentice

Plumbing Apprentices provide assistance to full-fledged Plumbers while improving their skills. Common duties listed on a Plumbing Apprentice resume include cutting and assembling pipes, cleaning water supply and disposal systems, handing in tools, cleaning job sites, and answering to customer inquiries. Based on our most successful resume samples, these less-experienced workers should demonstrate the ability to follow guidelines, dexterity, customer service orientation, communication, and stamina. Most Plumbing Apprentices hold a high school or general education diploma.

Licensed Plumber

Licensed Plumbers install, maintain and repair pipe systems that carry water, waste, steam or other liquids. Example resumes in this field indicate duties such as performing residential service, including the installation of water heaters, pressure tanks, dishwashers, and garbage disposal hookups; performing the installation of holding tanks and conventional and mound systems; and performing the installation of gas piping with black iron and CSST pipe. Sample resumes indicate that in order to become a Licensed Plumber, an apprenticeship is typically required, as well as a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Office Manager

Office Managers often supervise employees while also keeping records and overseeing the work that is typically performed in an office. Skills incorporated into an Office Manager’s sample resume include providing streamlined operational guidance and administrative support.

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