Installation and Repair for Toilets

Toilets are definitely a crucial part of every home. Over time, wear and tear can accumulate until toilet repair or replacement becomes unavoidable. Since nobody wants to encounter the time where their toilet stops working, rapid service from a reliable technician becomes a necessity.

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JustUs Plumbing is a local source of professional plumbing services including toilet repairs in Round Rock, TX. To know when to contact us, you should remain aware of a few indicators. We provide fast, reliable maintenance to prevent the need for repairs later on. Call our team today at (512) 643-7116 to submit questions, schedule installation, or request service for toilet repair in Round Rock, TX.

Indications You Need Toilet Repair or Replacement

Water Leaks

Toilets that seep water is a sign you will need repair or replacement. If you merely have a leak, then an easy toilet repair will do the job. Replacement will become a necessity should you have cracks in the tank or bowl, however.

Old Age

A toilet will eventually age out of effectiveness, like every other appliance. Maintenance can reduce the need for repairs and extend the amount of time your toilets work properly without needing replacements. If you do need replacements though, modern elements and energy-efficiency give you many options when selecting a newer model.

The Wobble

A toilet base should never move if you sit upon it. If the toilet is jostling, you could require a few different repairs. On the one hand, you may just need to get some fasteners tightened. The unit might also have leaked water into the flooring beneath it. You will probably require an new toilet if this occurs.

Lots of Repairs

Constant repairs are a strong indicator that the toilet needs to be replaced. You could continue to have it repaired but it’s only putting off the inevitable replacement. The good news is, most newer toilets have upgraded features, including dual-flush, that improves your water usage. So not only will you save yourself money needed to continue to keep the older toilet but you’ll save money in the long run with better efficiency.

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The plumbers at JustUs Plumbing are available at (512) 643-7116 when you need toilet repair in Round Rock, TX. For scenarios that require a new installation, we can also help pick the best replacement to suit your home and needs. As for repairs, you can count on our attention to detail and excellent customer service.