Repair for Garbage Disposals

Any contemporary house would appear deficient in the absence of a garbage disposal. Refuse that might otherwise render a mess or foul scent gets cleanly dealt with through this essential machine. Waste gets elegantly eradicated and rinsed straight down the drain, instead of cluttering up the sink and clogging piping. These indispensable appliances serve a complementary function in the dish-washing process, and just make things easier.

At the same time, a clogged or broken garbage disposal makes a sizable problem. Unpleasant scents and unclean conditions can become the effect of food that otherwise should have been swept down the drain. Impaired garbage disposals will even create a safety risk. To find a time for installation or service of a garbage disposal in Round Rock, TX, call JustUs Plumbing at (512) 643-7116. Our team’s garbage disposal services will make everything effortless.

Things You Should Never Place Down A Disposal

As far as maintenance, garbage disposals do not require much. The avoidance of key activities is really all you need to prevent issues. Avoid placing these objects down the disposal to maintain your disposal.

Fibrous Foods

Certain Foods Can Clog or Break Garbage Disposals, Leading to Repairs

Specific fibrous items should never get flushed down the disposal. As these foods entangle around the blades of the disposal, they can place a strain on the motor. Asparagus, carrots, corn husks, onion skins, lettuce, celery, and artichokes are all types of fibrous food to avoid. If you must place fibrous foods in the disposal, put small quantities at a time with cold water.

Starchy Foods

Starches provide the second variety of item to not place down the garbage disposal. Starches will absorb water, swell, and eventually transform into a paste-like substance. A disposal’s activity will become disrupted because of this hardened paste, which will eventually create an obstruction. Potatoes, rice, beans, and pasta are foods you never want to place down a disposal.

Oils and Grease

Grease and oil create substantial issues with a garbage disposal. Grease and oil will not only clog your pipes, they will also cover your machine’s edges making them dull. As the days pass, oils and grease can also start to smell which can be difficult to get rid of.

Egg Shells

There are supposed benefits of grinding up eggshells in a disposal but they can cause more harm than good. Egg shells merely clog pipes and can dull the blades of the disposal. The garbage disposal will break egg shells into a sand-like substance that can damage pipes over time. Egg shells tend to get trapped inside the pipes, where they create a clog over time.

Set Up Service or Replacement Today

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